Thursday, February 12, 2009


I have some quibbles with it, but here's a nice article discussing the true nature of faith, and discounting the kind of "blind faith" that so often gets presented as "true faith." Here's a sample:

According to Jewish philosophy, our trust in the Almighty is not the "leap of faith" that comes from believing without logic or reason, but the confidence that comes from knowing that the Almighty has proven His faithfulness to His people again and again over 3,300 years of uniquely supernatural history. It derives not from our faith that everything will turn out the way we want all of the time, but our certainty that everything is guided by Providence, and that the logic behind every divine edict is true and just — even when it is unfathomable to human understanding.

Finally, faithfulness does not require us, nor even advise us, to sit by passively and await the Divine Will to reveal itself before us. Rather, it requires us to act in our own best interest while adhering to the moral laws of G-d and man.

Anything which rescues the word "faith" from the hands of the fanatics is a good thing, to me!

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