Monday, March 8, 2010

Who's the Messiah

I'm currently away at a Rabbinic conference, and I've been asked (along with others) to blog about it while I'm there. If you're really interested, you can check it out, but in the mean time, I thought I'd share this little item with my regular readers (the few, the proud, the much appreciated):

I got a chance this afternoon to study with Rabbi Larry Kushner, and he discussed some Hassidic texts on Rabbinic leaders and spirituality. I'm a big fan of Rabbi Kushner, having had the chance to study with him in New York.

Overall, the session was great. It may not have been new, but Rabbi Kushner would be the first to tell us that "new" is overrated. The important spiritual truths are well known and obvious; we just need constant reminding about them. For example, the surest sign of a true tzaddik, and a good leader, is the constant awareness that there is a spiritual level which he or she has yet to attain. It's the constant search, and the constant humility, which is the true sign of spirituality, and of leadership.

During an aside, it also led Rabbi Kushner to offer one of his many wonderful quips. Quoting Zalman, he said, "If someone says that he's the Messiah, check with his wife, first."
Boy, do I love that line!


Missy said...

That's a great one!

Anonymous said...

Wonderfully wise advice:>0