Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Racism in Israel?

This is an interesting video from Israel. It's a kind of a sociopolitical “Candid Camera” show. In this episode, actors make it seem as if a woman is being refused service simply because she is an Arab. They record how the other customers react to this discrimination.


Clearly, this is just one example. No one in their right mind would ever say that there isn't serious discrimination against Arabs in Israel. But, at the same time, I am heartened to see how many average Israelis were quick to come to her defense. As the blogger from whom I saw this asked, what are the odds that an obvious Jew would be treated so well by patrons in most of the countries which surround Israel? Not good, to say the least.

As he points out, we do know that no Jewish customer is ever discriminated against in Saudi Arabia. Jews aren't allowed in that country.

As I always say, Israel is far from perfect. But, Israel gives us so much about which to be proud.

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