Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I'm listening to our choir rehearse for the High Holy Days, and I've been struck by something. Choral music is not a style with which I resonate easily. I don't really have a reason for this--it's impressive, for sure. Quite beautiful. And, our choir, which is all volunteer and of mixed training, is really pretty darn good. But, ultimately, taste is what it is - and this type of music just isn't one which speaks too strongly to me.

But, theologically, it does.

So much of my theology is based around the Oneness of it all: the parts (us) coming together to form a transcendent One (God). And, it seems to me, that no form of music captures that better than choral music (I'd give it a tie with Classical/Symphonic). People subsume their own voices, and their egos, in the name of a sound greater than any one voice. Their goal (outside of the occasional solo) is to not stand out, but to blend.

Strange that most post-modern, non-dualists like myself don't find greater spirituality in this kind of music. They're doing with their voices what I'm trying to do with my soul.

Maybe it's time to listen a little more closely.


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