Tuesday, December 16, 2008


This year, as in years past, Jewish Family Services has passed out gift-dreidels - each plastic dreidel filled with a bit of candy, and a gift idea. One might say, "a toy for a 3 year old." One might say, "school supplies for a 8 year old." You take a dreidel, then, you buy the gift, pass it on to JFS, and they deliver it to the recipient. Each gift was specifically requested by a particular kid.

My family got a dreidel this past Sunday at our school Chanukah party. We were asked to buy socks for a pre-teen girl. Socks.

You know, I've had good days and bad days this past year, but mostly good days. I don't tend to feel too down, or feel sorry for myself, because I've generally got it very good in life. But, I don't usually realize how good. Never, in my life, have I ever needed socks as a present. Never, when the time of miracles and gifts comes around, have I hoped to get something that basic. That mundane.

I hope the socks go to the person who really wanted them. I hope that next year, they'll be able to ask for something even better.

If you haven't given this year, call JFS at (813) 960-1848.

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