Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Shopping, Shopping Shall You Pursue

This past Sunday, our youth group held a "Mall Scavenger Hunt." They divided themselves into teams (which wound up being 1 all-girl team and 2 all-boys teams. This will become important in a moment) and were given clues such as "At this store, Eve could find something to tempt Adam." They'd have to write "Apple Store" into that spot.

One of the clues was:
The Torah commands, 'this' shall you pursue. 'This' is the name of the store, and girls like to shop there, but boys don't.

The girl's team correctly knew that this was talking about the store "Justice" - "Justice, Justice shall you pursue."

One boys team wrote, "Gucci."

One wrote, "Victoria's Secret."


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Ben B. said...

... How were we supposed to know Justice was a store? We thought it was something like pursue is close to purse, so we put Gucci.