Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A moment of mindfulness - and of living

A nice little piece from Leon Wieseltier in today's The New Republic e-mail talks about the importance of taking the time to do something, even if it might be done a bit more efficiently:

I am interested in more than outcomes. I am wary of finding myself in the middle of an existence too busy, too arrogantly busy, for elementary things. I inhabit a universe in which busyness is a measurement of importance, but really what is taking place is an exchange of one variety of importance for another. It is often a bad bargain. 

Living really should be about more than just getting things done. Sometimes, taking the time to do something carefully, even if it doesn't demand it, is a miraculous thing to do. Focus on the doing itself, not just on getting the task done.

In a little bit, I'm heading out to have lunch with a congregant. I'm looking forward to the lunch (and, especially, to the conversation). But, it also means that I'll have 20 or 30 minutes in my car to listen to a podcast, or some music. And, to just look around. I'm going to enjoy that, too.

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