Wednesday, November 2, 2011

‘Personhood’ Agenda is Theocracy

A quick hit, because an article just articulated something I've been thinking, and trying to say, for a while.
Whenever any "right to life" discussions come up, remember, as Carlton Veazy (a Baptist Minister) says, that these are, inherently, religious arguments. And, choosing one religion's definition of life is to be enshrined as law is, also inherently, a theocratic act:
We should also be aware that this amendment would enact in law a specific religious view about “personhood” that is in conflict with views held by most religious denominations and many people of faith—a clear intrusion by government into decisions of conscience.
I, as a religious Jew, don't believe that life begins at conception. Therefore, I don't believe that abortion is murder. Any law which codifies life as beginning at conception establishes that view as legally valid, and all others as invalid. I'm fairly sure that the Bill of Rights forbids that.

In the end, it might be more important to remember that this personhood movement would:
effectively [end] access to reproductive health care in Mississippi—including banning all abortions, with no exceptions for rape or incest or the life of the woman; some forms of contraception; and in vitro fertilization. Not to mention the frightening possibility that doctors would not be able to provide life-saving medical treatment to a pregnant woman, for example, in the case of an ectopic pregnancy.
But, let's not also forget that it's unconstitutional, and very, very un-American.

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Jerry said...

I find the personhood agenda as it enshrines corporations as beings more disturbing than this, but this ain't tops with me either.