Thursday, November 8, 2012


On our itinerary, we're officially on day 5 of our Israel trip. But, not really. Day 1 was travel, and because of the overnight flight, day 2 was mostly travel, followed by dinner and sleep. Day 3 was a lot of fun - exploring Tel Aviv and Jaffa.

But, day 4? On day 4, this trip really started.

I don't have time to go into detail (I hope to, soon), but suffice it to say that every bit of geek in me (especially the geek-who-loves-Judaism) gets going when we go to places like Caesaria. Caesaria was an ancient Roman city (and, I learned/was reminded, the capital city back in Roman times). It's right on the Mediterranean sea. So, you can sit in the theater (which is not, I learned, an amphitheater - know the difference?) and look out at the water. You can walk past the floor of King Herod's palace, with its mosaics and (honest!) fresh-water pool. You can stand within the hippodrome*. You can walk on Roman streets.

* Where I, while knowing that a hippodrome was for racing, not fighting, nonetheless felt compelled to spread my arms and yell, "Are You Not Entertained?!?"

I'm sorry, but I never get tired of this. To stand in an actual Roman city? To, as I keep saying, step on the same stones where, long ago, men walked in togas - without any irony! That it, to me, mindblowingly wonderful.

Today, we're off to meet a tank battalion, tour the Golan heights and then head of to Sefat -- one of my favorite places in the whole world. A good trip just keeps getting better.


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